Thursday, March 22, 2018

Canada: Abandoned New Brunswick Mine to Provide Geothermal Heating and Cooling for Community

Geothermal heating a good use of flooded Picadilly mine, report says (CBC)

The core idea behind geothermal heating involves extracting the heat of the water deep inside the mine.

More than two years after Sussex was rocked by the closure of the Picadilly mine, the town is getting some good news about the mine —  it can likely be used for geothermal heating.

The mine in Penobsquis, near Sussex, was allowed to flood after operations ended there in 2016, and 430 jobs were lost.

Geothermal heating involves extracting the heat of the water from inside the mine. A company could then use that energy cheaply, making Sussex more attractive for new industry.

Scott Hatcher, chief administrative officer for the town said it appears from the feasibility study that the model that would most benefit the town is something called an "open loop" geothermal system, which would involve directly extracting the hot water, drawn through a pipe. "Once used, it would be injected back into the mine," Hatcher said.

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