Tuesday, August 29, 2017

USA, Oregon: Workshop to Discuss Drilling Project at Newberry Geothermal Test Facility

Brightest Brains In Geoscience Scheduled To Talk Shop At Newberry Volcano (PNNL)

Newberry Geothermal Test Facility
From September 10-14, 2017 the NEWGEN consortium will hold an international workshop at Oregon State University's Cascades campus in Bend, Oregon.

The workshop, sponsored by the International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP) will invite geoscience experts from around the world to develop a full proposal for drilling one of the hottest wells in the world at the Newberry Geothermal Test Facility.

During this workshop, important scientific questions related to volcanic hazards and geothermal energy will be discussed by more than 40 engineers and scientists.

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