Thursday, February 23, 2017

Science & Technology: Carbon Dioxide to Energy Conversion Using Geothermal Heat

Calgary-based CleanCarbon Energy in deal to develop CO2 to energy conversion tech (The American Energy News)

CleanCarbon Energy Inc., a Calgary-based company engaged in sustainable energy technology commercialization, has reached an agreement in principle with Western Research Institute (WRI) to jointly develop a family of carbon dioxide (CO2) to energy conversion processes.

In the agreement, WRI will receive an equity stake in CleanCarbon in return for an exclusive international license to WRI’s Chemolithoautotrophic (CAT™) technology.

Leveraging the technologies of both organizations, the WRI and CleanCarbon integrated research program aims to commercialize a new pathway for inexpensive, carbon-balanced sources of energy and hydrocarbon products with the least-possible fresh water and surface footprint requirement.

CleanCarbon’s Downhole Flex-Fuel Gasifier technology provides a low capital and operating cost solution to convert feedstocks of biomass and coal to Syngas which is rich in hydrogen and sequestered carbon.

By utilizing geothermal energy in the Earth’s subsurface, the CleanCarbon and WRI technologies combine to convert CO2 first to biomass and then to Syngas.

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