Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Science & Technology: Data Logging Electronics for 300-500°C Geothermal Wells

Ozark IC Wins Dept. of Energy SBIR Award for Geothermal Data Logging (Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center)

Fayetteville-based Ozark Integrated Circuits (Ozark IC) won a $155,000 Small Business Innovation Research award from the Department of Energy to provide an enhanced solution for geothermal well data collection.

Ozark IC is a fabless semiconductor company that develops integrated circuits designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions.

For several years, the company has been developing special electronics that will work on the 500°C Venus surface. “With this award, Ozark IC will now use its expertise and technologies to develop high-temperature data logging electronics for geothermal wells that can operate at 300-500°C for hours to years with little or no thermal insulation,” said Dr. Ian Getreu, director of business development and strategic partnerships for the company.