Thursday, February 23, 2017

Iceland: Plan to Ensure Adequate Steam for Hellisheiði Geothermal Plant

Picking up Steam for ISK 13 Billion (Iceland Review)

Hellisheiði Geothermal Plant.
Photo: Páll Stefánsson.
An investment of ISK 13 billion (USD 119 million, EUR 112 million) will be needed to ensure adequate steam for Hellisheiði Geothermal Plant, RÚV reports.

After the plant entered full operation in September of 2011, it became apparent that the production area used at the time would not be sufficient for full operation indefinitely. In 2013, the decision was made to connect the Hverahlíðarsvæði area to Hellisheiði Geothermal Plant in order to obtain more steam and spread out the production. That connection was made at the beginning of 2016, after which it became possible to reduce production in older areas closer to the Hellisheiði plant, giving them a chance to recover.

In the next ten years, 15 new boreholes are planned to maintain the production capability of the Hellisheiði plant.