Friday, October 21, 2016

United Kingdom, Iceland: Cable to Deliver Geothermal Energy to UK Could be Delayed by European Exit

Iceland-UK power interconnector delayed by Brexit (Power Engineering International)

A power interconnector, which would, at 1,000 KM be the world’s longest, is facing delays as a result of the decision by Britain to withdraw from the European Union.

The head of Icelandic utility Landsvirkjun has told Reuters in an interview that Brexit is impacting on the status of the 1 GW link which will bring geothermal power from Iceland to UK.

The two governments agreed last year to jointly study building the (EUR3.5bn), 1,000-kilometre-long IceLink cable that would power some 1.6 million UK homes.

"In the long-term there is no change in their interest (in importing power from Iceland), but it (Brexit) will definitely delay it, because they have to focus on other things now," Landsvirkjun boss Hordur Arnarson told Reuters.

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