Wednesday, July 29, 2015

USA, Hawaii:

Hawaii is Chasing 100% Renewable Energy — With Active Volcanoes (Tech Insider)

Governor David Ige signed a bill on June 8 pledging that Hawaii will become completely energy self-sustaining by 2045. If the government follows through, geothermal energy from volcanoes will play a big role.

The state has 30 years to pull off its plan. About half of Hawaiians think their government can achieve its goal, Dawn Lippert, director of the Energy Excelerator in Hawaii, told Tech Insider. The other half isn't so sure.

When geothermal is done right, it's an incredible resource — especially for a volcanically active place like Hawaii. Renewable energy companies are eager to tap into Mauna Loa, a giant volcano in the center of the Big Island that's near several volcanic hot spots.

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