Monday, March 30, 2015


B.C. geothermal advocates keep heat on campaign to promote energy potential (Vancouver Sun)
Calgary-based Borealis Geopower is aiming to build geothermal power plants at two British Columbia locations that it hopes will be churning out electricity from the heat of the earth by 2018, the company’s chief geologist said in Vancouver this week.

Notwithstanding that the province essentially put large-scale geothermal exploration in B.C. on the back burner, along with a lot of other independent power projects, with its decision to build BC Hydro’s $9-billion Site C dam project, Craig Dunn is optimistic about Borealis’s prospects to build small, 10-to-15 megawatt facilities at Canoe Reach near Valemount and Lakelse Lake near Terrace.

“The goal is to be able to show geothermal (power) is a viable option for the province of British Columbia,” Dunn said.

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