Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Geothermal, a Powerful New Hope (The Worldfolio)

As Indonesia works to complement its hydrocarbons base with a mix of renewable sources, innovative companies like Star Energy have risen to the occasion.

Star Energy has successfully branched out into geothermal power. In line with its long-term strategy of creating value for all its stakeholders, the company moved into the sector with the acquisition of its first facility in 2004.

A Joint Operation Contract (JOC) with the national oil and gas company, Pertamina, gives Star Energy the right to develop up to 400 MW of electricity in power hungry West Java.  “Star Energy took over the Wayang Windu project in West Java to operate geothermal assets,” Mr. Suparman explains. “We have since worked to develop this site and in February 2009, we had a major breakthrough when we built our own additional geothermal power unit. As a result, since this time we are operating two units at Wayang Windu, supplying Indonesia with more electricity generated through clean, green renewable means.”

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