Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Kalahari Geo Energy Begins Drilling (postzambia.com)

Kalahari Geo Energy Limited has commenced preliminary shallow drilling for geothermal energy development at its identified sites in the Kafue basin in Zambia.

The firm drilled 54 meters of its first core-slim-well in three days, chief executive officer, Peter Vivian-Neal said in an interview on Friday during a site visit.

"Our target is to drill 330 meters," he said. "The objective of the first well drill is essentially to get temperature gradient and geophysical surveys. This is key information in the development of geothermal."

"If the results from the deep drilling are satisfactory, we may start the plant design in the first quarter of next year and possibly commence power generation in 2015," said company director Moses Banda.

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