Tuesday, December 18, 2012

USA, California:

Training Announcement: A Geothermal 3-Day MBA

An introduction to the technology, markets, economics and finances of geothermal. 8-10 May, 2013, San Francisco, United States.

Course highlights:
  • A comprehensive understanding of geothermal energy, with particular focus on power generation;
  • Key aspects of geothermal technology - including exploration, drilling and plant operations - explained in clear language suited to senior commercial people and non-engineers;
  • Description and discussion of the key economic and risk factors that make geothermal different from other renewable energy sources;
  • The market and economic context of geothermal, including markets, external influences and trends;
  • Hear about the challenges as well as the opportunities in an independent, hype-free environment;
  • Business Planning: collaborative work to develop and analyze a geothermal power business case, including practical, policy, market, economic and financial (cash flow and return) analyses