Friday, December 23, 2011


Report: Tracking Geothermal Energy across the USA

In August 2011, a cumulative 2,383 MW of geothermal energy capacity across the USA generated 1,354 GWh of electricity. 1 MW of capacity has been added year to date and electricity generation from geothermal energy sources is 4.59% higher than the same period the previous year. Geothermal energy now accounts for 0.23% of total capacity across the USA and has accounted for 0.01% of all added capacity year to date.Primary energy production from geothermal energy sources equalled 18 Trillion BTUs in August 2011, with 72.35% of primary energy consumption being attributed to the Electric Power sector and 17.10% being attributed to the Residential sector. Consumption of Geothermal Energy has increased by 3.20% on a year to date basis compared with 2010, whilst total consumption has increased by 0.31% in the same period. Year to date, Geothermal accounted for 0.22% of total Primary Energy consumption; 2.38% of Renewable Energy (inclusive hydroelectricity) and 3.80% of Non-Hydro Renewable Energy Primary Energy consumption.

The 1,354 GWh of electricity generated in August 2011 from geothermal power sources came primarily from IPPs (1,262GWh, 93.21%) and Utilities (92GWh, 6.79%). As of August, 5 States had generated a total of 10,896 gigawatthours* of electricity from Geothermal Energy in 2011. California had generated the most with 8,926GWh (81.91% of the total) whilst Idaho generated the least (64GWh, 0.59%).

In August 2011, 1.2 MW of Geothermal capacity was added across the USA, bringing the cumulative total of grid-connected capacity to 2,383 MW, an increase of 0.05% on the cumulative installed base in August 2010. Geothermal capacity as a percentage of total energy capacity has decreased by 0.004 percentage points since August 2010.

As of August 2011, 5 States had installed grid-connected Geothermal capacity, 1 had added new capacity in 2011 whilst 1 had added new capacity since August 2010.

In August 2011, 3 new geothermal plants became operational across the USA with a combined capacity of 1.20 MW from 3 units. 14 companies had installed grid-connected geothermal capacity as of August 2011 with a combined cumulative capacity of 2,383 megawatts. The top 14 companies accounted for 100.00% of this total capacity (and 100.00% of the total unit count).

This is just a snapshop of generation, consumption and capacity trends for geothermal energy across the USA. The full report 'Tracking Geothermal Energy across the USA' contains 40 pages of detailed tables, charts, maps and analysis and is updated monthly. Similar reports are also available for biomass and waste energy, hydroelectricity, solar energy and wind energy.'