Friday, December 30, 2011

USA, Nevada:

Clean Energy in 2012: Geothermal progression (Reno Gazette-Journal)

It was good to be green for Northern Nevada in 2011.

Despite high unemployment and challenges in the real estate market, the renewables sector posted several positive milestones in the last year.

Geothermal had an especially good showing. The University of Nevada, Reno snagged the first-ever National Geothermal Academy program in the country, bringing people from around the world to UNR this summer.

As of early 2011, Nevada's 21 operating geothermal power plants comprised a total operating capacity of 441.8 megawatts. However, more than 80 potential projects in the exploratory, planned or construction phases could boost capacity as high as

3,686 megawatts in the state. This would eclipse California's more than 2,500 megawatts of installed capacity. Total U.S. geothermal capacity currently is a little over 3,000 megawatts.

Add plans by Truckee Meadows Community College to add curriculum for geothermal, solar and wind, along with the ongoing research being done in the state, and renewables are expected to continue their strong showing in 2012.