Wednesday, October 2, 2019

USA, Canada, Mexico: Are You Interested in a North America Expo Presence at World Geothermal Congress?

Opportunity to Exhibit at World Geothermal Congress 2020 (News Release)

Interested in showcasing your geothermal experience and technology by participating in a North America Cluster at WGC 2020?

We would like to determine - in the next 10 days - if there is an adequate level of interest to justify an approach to the WGC organizers to negotiate a shared North American booth space.

If we proceed with the North America Cluster, we must complete our negotiations with WGC before the end of October, which is just around the corner.

Please contact us with a quick, non-binding indication of your interest, for example:
  • A simple Yes or No
  • “We are already planning to exhibit”
  • “We would be interested if costs don’t exceed $x”
Any individual, firm or institution with North American interests is invited to participate. Your responses will enable us to understand the level of interest from North American companies and proceed accordingly. Exhibitors will need to reserve their booth space by November 1 in order to be co-located with the group.

The organizers of the North American Cluster are committed to:
  1. keeping costs as low as possible;
  2. organizing the booth space logically (such that even competitors can participate); and
  3. showcasing the significant body of geothermal expertise that exists in North America.
Please send your response today, or at the latest by Friday October 4!

Responses should be directed to Estela Smith at