Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vacancy: Land Law Examiner for BLM in Nevada

Land Law Examiner - Bureau Of Land Management

Vacancy in Reno, Nevada, USA
Salary Range: $32,374.00 to $63,654.00 / Per Year

Deadline for applications is Thursday, 5 January

The incumbent will collect data on a variety of assigned cases related to oil and gas and geothermal mineral cases. The incumbent will determine the accuracy and proper execution of applications or claims and the qualifications of applicants for legal rights as requested. The selectee will adjudicate a wide variety of routine mineral leasing applications.

The incumbent will also prepare routine correspondence, including leases, permits, decisions, and drafts to more complex adjudication cases (concerning lands, mining, oil and gas, or mining leasing cases). The incumbent will independently gather and research information and data necessary to complete and adjudicate a legal document.

The selectee will utilize data systems and applications to collect, enter and manipulate, update and maintain data according to prescribed Bureau and program standards. They will also ensure data quality and integrity by adherence to quality control standards and procedures.