Thursday, December 15, 2016

USA, Utah: Geothermal Day Trip from 2017 GRC Annual Meeting & Expo

Go Warm-Water Scuba the Heart of Utah (iExplore)

Geothermal curiosity is less than 50 Miles from Salt Lake City, the location for the 2017 GRC Annual Meeting & Expo

(Courtesy Homestead Resort)
Landlocked Utah is also home to the only warm-water scuba diving locale in the continental U.S. The ubiquitous mound of earth that conceals the location is so commonplace it would be easy to drive right by without realizing you’re treading near something quite special: an underground geothermal spring that’s been forming slowly over the last 10,000 years.

For millennia, snow from the Wasatch Mountains melted and seeped down about two miles below the Earth’s surface where it was heated up. The supercharged water made its way back up through cracks and fissures, picked up minerals along the way, and deposited them on the surface. This process eventually formed the volcano-shaped crater now known as Homestead Crater. Above the water a 55-foot tall beehive shaped dome rises up with a small hole that lets in just a small beam of light from the outside world.

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