Friday, December 30, 2016

USA, Idaho: Support a Great Geothermal Energy Exhibit

Opportunity to Support Great Geothermal Energy Outreach

The City of Boise posts plaques on the buildings
around town that use geothermal energy.
Boise, Idaho is one of the great geothermal energy communities in the world. The city has been utilizing geothermal heat since 1890 and now boasts four district heating networks of more than 65 downtown buildings. The city and its citizens are rightfully proud of its geothermal heritage. A new museum in Boise is planning a major exhibit on the geothermal energy resources in the Treasure Valley, however they need additional funding to make it happen. This is where the global geothermal community can help.

Boise WaterShed Exhibits (BWE) and the City of Boise are collaborating on the construction of the Boise WaterShed River Campus, a beautiful series of outdoor exhibits modeling the regional watershed. They are upgrading the software of current exhibits and installing new teaching elements focused on a sustainable future for the Treasure Valley including geothermal energy. Ribbon cutting is in April, 2017.

Among planned exhibits is one focused on geothermal - The Heat Beneath Your Feet. Boise’s direct-use geothermal is unique in the nation. What is the geology behind this resource? What is its history and how did it contribute to Boise’s growth? What is geothermal’s potential in Idaho?

An illustration of the proposed "Heat Beneath Your Feet" exhibit at the Boise WaterShed River Campus. COURTESY BOISE WATERSHED EXHIBITS, INC.
According to the campus website, the exhibit will be "a fascinating portrayal of Boise’s direct-use geothermal system, this complex exhibit will include interactive education about the geology and technology that provides our local sustainable energy source; information about Idaho’s expansive geothermal potential; an historic photographic timeline of the geothermal development that led to Boise’s growth; and an anamorphic painting of the earth peeled away to reveal hot depths below. The painting will appear 3-dimensional when viewed from a particular angle. Visitors can take their photos “teetering on the edge” of the hot abyss and share them through social media."

More information on the campus, including the proposed geothermal exhibit can be found at: at

The Heat Beneath Your Feet exhibit will provide a compelling look at a green energy source that is as old as the earth itself. It deserves our support. Donate to Boise WaterShed Exhibits, Inc. through PayPal. If you live in the area please drop in show your support on behalf of the global geothermal community.