Thursday, October 6, 2016

Science & Technology: Scottish Geothermal Pioneer Explains Geothermal Hydraulic Stimulation

How hydraulic-stimulation for geothermal energy is different from fracking for shale gas (Scottish Energy News)

David Townsend
By David Townsend, founder and managing director of TownRock Energy

Concerns raised recently around the development of Scotland’s geothermal resources being hindered by the moratorium on fracking are valid but overstated.

Firstly, the moratorium on fracking is specific to shale gas exploration, and so does not apply to the development of a geothermal resource. Fracking is a term used exclusively in the oil and gas industry.

A similar process is sometimes applied in the development of a geothermal resource to enhance permeability, but the term most commonly used to refer to this process is hydraulic stimulation. However subtle distinctions of vocabulary are unlikely to differentiate the processes in the media and public eye.