Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Zealand: Government Report Forecasts Possible 2,000 MW Geothermal by 2035

Electricity Insight (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment)

A just-released study on electricity demand details the view held by many energy observers that demand will continue to grow in New Zealand, unless the Southland aluminium smelter closes.

This Energy Outlook article explores the long-term future for electricity in New Zealand using scenario analysis. Based on this analysis, we present key insights for investors, grid planners, policy makers and consumers. It presents modelling results to 2040.

Access to New Zealand’s low-cost geothermal resource is likely to be a key factor in limiting wholesale price increases. Generators, land owners (including iwi) and government will need to continue to work together to maximize the economic, environmental and cultural benefits from geothermal resources.

The High Geothermal Access scenario sees the greatest potential for the industry:
2016     996 MW Installed Capacity
2020    1266 MW
2025    1588 MW
2030    1741 MW
2035    2126 MW
2040    2143 MW
2045    2242 MW
2050    2308 MW
New Zealand's Energy Outlook - Electricity Insight - Preview of key insights:
Exploring the uncertainty in future electricity demand and supply (PDF)

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