Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Germany: French Company Supplies Tubing for Bavarian Geothermal Project

Tubes on time for German Geo (reNews)

French company Vallourec is delivering almost 1500 tons of seamless OCTG1 tubes to Geothermie Holzkirchen for a geothermal power project in Bavaria, Germany which is planned to start operating in 2017.

The project will involve the drilling of two wells to a depth of nearly 5000 meters, the first of which is now under way. This first well will bring the geothermal water to the surface at a temperature of 140°C. According to the website the current depth of the well is 2,618 m as of April 11.

A steam generator and heat exchanger will transform the hot water to produce electricity and heat.
Once cooled, the water will loop back down into the calcareous aquifer, descending through the second well.

The OCTG will be used to consolidate the wells; gas-tight and designed to resist temperatures over 180°C and external pressures up to 743 bars.

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