Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Canada: Hybrid Geothermal-Natural Gas Project Company Grows

Razor Energy Corp. Announces Strategic Acquisition and Second Quarter 2019 Results (News Release)

Razor Energy Corp. of Calgary, Alberta, has announced a strategic acquisition with Little Rock Resources Ltd. and its second quarter 2019 financial and operating results.

One of the near and medium-term objectives the now-larger company has announced is to develop a technically viable and commercially sustainable solution to recover geothermal waste heat.

During second quarter of 2019, Razor invested $0.8 million in the design phase of its co-produced geothermal electricity project. The company expects the capital cost of the project to be $15 to $20 million, generating 3 to 5 MW of renewable electricity, with a $5 million contribution from Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Growth Program and a $2 million contribution from Alberta Innovates.

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