Monday, April 8, 2019

Switzerland: Two Day Oil & Gas – Geothermal Cross Over Technology Workshop

AAPG 3rd Hydrocarbon – Geothermal Cross Over Technology Workshop

9-10 April, Geneva, Switzerland

“Making geothermal energy profitable: from subsurface uncertainties to viable business models"

Not one single country or energy company can avoid this question: what role will sustainable energy play in our future and how can we shape the transition?

The crossover from oil & gas to geothermal energy may play a key role in the journey towards sustainable use of the subsurface and a greener energy world. Yet, uncertainties on profitability and the establishment of viable business models are hindering the large-scale development of geothermal energy, especially in areas located in sedimentary basins where the geothermal gradient/ heat flow are relatively low compared to magmatic areas that comprise more traditional geothermal targets. Behind these questions lie fundamental challenges related to developing a deeper understanding of subsurface uncertainties, safe and cost-effective development and integrated systems.

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