Thursday, April 4, 2019

Europe: Information Delivery Manual for Geothermal Drilling Processes

New public deliverable: “Geothermal – IDM for Drilling Processes” (GEOFIT project)

Before the GEOFIT project integration in a building information model (BIM), one of the most critical stages is the drilling works and they must be defined within the BIM context. To do that, it is paramount to identify the capacity to collect relevant information during drilling processes to create a suitable BIM model which may be included together will all the GEOFIT project tasks.

All the geothermal aspects are enough comprehensive for semantic models required by BIM technology. Therefore, during drilling, it is expected to know its semantics in terms of information production and work flows to combine it in a multi semantic model under proper standards.

This must be done by using an Information Delivery Manual (IDM). An IDM production is the objective of deliverable 2.1 “Geothermal IDM for Drilling Processes” within the GEOFIT WP2 context – Ground Research, work site inspection and improved drilling technologies – and it will lead to the suitable application of the IDM methodology, in first place, to create a GEOFIT project framework, reusable and adaptable for different practical configurations within the project, and in second place, to contribute to the international decision making forums and experts groups within the building industry. Download the report........

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