Friday, February 1, 2019

Tanzania: Government Helps Fund 200 MW Lake Ngozi Geothermal Power Project

Government invests $8.7 million in Ngozi geothermal project (Afrik 21)

The Tanzanian authorities are redoubling their efforts to exploit the country’s geothermal potential. After announcing a few months ago that the geothermal project, located near Lake Ngozi, would require an investment of $821 million, a decision was made to open the first round of investments for the installation of the facilities. A total of $8.7 million will be provided by the government.

The Ngozi geothermal project is expected to have a total capacity of 600 MW. To date, 50 sites have been identified with sufficient potential for the first phase of the project. It consists of producing 200 MW, and then 400 MW for Phase II. The latter also includes the construction of an 18 km transmission line between Ngozi and Mwakibete, also in the Mbeya region.

Exploration of the Ngozi geothermal project is still ongoing. This phase of the project was financed to the tune of $21.7 million by the Climate Investment Fund (CIF). The funding is part of the CIF’s Renewable Energy Expansion Program (REEP). Of the amount injected, $5 million represents a loan of $16.73 million from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

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