Thursday, November 8, 2018

United Kingdom: Drilling Completed at Penzance Geothermal Pool

Jubilee Pool geothermal spa in Penzance to open by Easter 2019 (Cornwall Live)

It will be like Iceland's Blue Lagoon but in Cornwall and the first of its kind in the UK

The date for when Penzance's iconic open air sea pool will become the UK's first geothermal heated spa has been revealed.

The boss of Geothermal Engineering Ltd, the company which has been drilling holes into the earth below the famous Jubilee Pool to tap into the earth's natural heat, said the tourist attraction will be ready to welcome its first visitors once more by Easter 2019.

Ryan Law, managing director at GEL, told Cornwall Live that the drilling has now been done under Britain's largest sea-water lido.

He said: "We've done the drilling. Now over the next five months we will put the equipment in place and carry out the structural work underneath the pool. Our aim is to have it all complete by Easter next year."

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