Thursday, November 1, 2018

Netherlands: Progress in Realising a Geothermal Well on TU Delft Campus

Geothermal research at TU Delft gets a boost (News Release)

While most people did not think about heating their houses during the last hot summer months, researchers at TU Delft did exactly that (and not just the last months). Scientists involved in geothermal research have good reasons to look forward: the Board of the University has made a decision-in-principle for a next step towards realising a geothermal research well.

TU Delft is doing research on new materials and innovative ways of monitoring subsurface processes and was recently awarded more than 5 million euro for scientific equipment of a geothermal research well by NWO (EPOS-NL project).

The well will supply campus buildings with heat. In the future further research could be done on extending the heat grid further. TU Delft is proud to work on a sustainable campus, where electricity is already provided by solar panels on TU buildings and an off-shore wind park. Heating campus buildings with geothermal energy would bring TU Delft a big step towards being 100% CO2-neutral.

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