Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Canada: Estevan Geothermal Energy Project Reaches 2,700 Meters

Positive reaction to DEEP geothermal project tour (Estevan Mercury)

(Courtesy DEEP) 
With the drilling rig having reached 2,700 metres already out of a planned 3,500 metres, the first well in a geothermal electrical power project was well underway on Nov. 23.

That’s what roughly 40 people saw when they had the opportunity to tour Deep Earth Energy Production Corp.’s (DEEP) project south of Torquay.

At the conclusion of the tour, Marcia was quite pleased with the response.

“This is a great day. We’re so excited that this project is finally underway. We’ve got such wonderful support from this community and the people that have believed this project would be a possibility,” Marcia said.

“We formed the company in 2010. And the reality is it’s made progress, but at times, it’s stalled out. We were underfunded. But now, everything is in place and there’s really nothing stopping us now.

“Things are going great. This is the best, world-class drilling expertise that we have, local and home grown.

“This is exciting. This is the first geothermal project for Canada. I love the fact it’s marrying our local technology and our local expertise, but in a brand new way. We’re taking this world-class oilfield expertise and paring it on a clean, renewable energy project. I think that’s great.”

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