Tuesday, November 6, 2018

United Kingdom: Drilling Starts This Week at United Downs Geothermal Power Plant

UK’s First Geothermal Power Plant (Cornish Stuff)

(Courtesy Geothermal Engineering Ltd.)
The pioneering demonstration plant will deliver up to 3 MWe of electricity to the National Grid

Geothermal Engineering Ltd. (GEL) has announced that drilling will start this week to build the UK’s first deep geothermal electricity plant at the United Downs Industrial Estate near St Day.

The aim of the initiative is to demonstrate the potential of the geothermal resource in the UK to produce electricity and renewable heat.   The plant will supply up to 3 MWe of electricity which is enough energy to power 3000 homes.

The global engineering consultancy, Arup, has signed an agreement to purchase renewable energy guarantee of origin certificates (REGOs) from GEL equating to 9000MWh/year.

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