Monday, October 29, 2018

USA, California: Company Announces Plans to Build Four Geothermal Power Plants in Imperial Valley

Hy-Power acquires 1,317 acres at Salton Sea to develop 4 geothermal plants (Imperial Valley Press)

Hy-Power Industries Inc. of Eureka, California, announced this week that it has acquired 1,317 acres in the Salton Sea area for the development of four geothermal energy plants, according to a press release.

“On behalf of Hy-Power Industries, we are pleased to announce our acquisition of 1,317 acres in an area of the Salton Sea for the production. We will develop four plants for the production of electricity and minerals within the property of hydrogen and lithium which, we believe, is critical to advance energy production for a greener environment and a step forward in the battle against climate warming,” said Alan Painter, chief executive officer of Hy-Power Industries.

R. Gerald “Jerry” Bailey, Ph.D., P.E., previously president of Exxon Arabian Gulf, and adviser to the company on technical issues, said, “The Hy-Power geothermal project at the Salton Sea will utilize latest technologies for a very efficient and environmentally friendly facility. It will enhance the public power grid, while providing local employment and positive economic development in the area.”

“Hy-Power Industries is currently evaluating its options for development of the property,” Painter added. “Discussions are underway with Kenneth Davlin, president of Oscar Larson & Associates, Civil Engineers to engage for project planning, permitting and engineering.”

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