Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Netherlands: Successful Geothermal Survey Combines Best Practices from Oil and Gas Exploration

New value from old data shows promise for geothermal exploration in the Netherlands (Earth Explorer)

Variscan subcrop map and cross section through the study area. Question marks indicate the unknown geology. The study area of Heeswijk is the surroundings of the HSW-01 well.

The project demonstrates great promise for geothermal investigations in the country using existing data. According to Pieter Van Heiningen of Provenance Exploration Consultancy BV and his business partners, the pilot study is unique in the Netherlands and their approach stems from combining best practice from oil and gas exploration. 

“This project provides a crucial example for advancing the successful exploration of high quality and high energy/temperature geothermal reservoirs in the Netherlands, in a cost-efficient and effective way.”