Wednesday, August 1, 2018

USA, Nevada: Geothermal Power Plants Could Figure in Plans to Extract Lithium and Gold from Brine

MGX Announces Engagement Of Hatch Engineering For Scale Up Of Rapid Lithium Extraction Plants (News Release)

MGX Minerals Inc. has announced the engagement of Hatch Ltd. to advise MGX on the scaling of the company’s rapid lithium extraction technology in the Western United States. Hatch will provide strategic review and recommendations to implement large-scale application of the technology.

In California, MGX has engaged former California Senate Majority Leader Richard Polanco as an advisor and consultant to the company as well as Randall W. Keller as Vice President of Business Development, who previously worked as Director of Business Development, Transmission & Land Assets with a focus on geothermal units for Berkshire Hathaway Energy Renewables.

In November 2017, MGX and engineering partner PurLucid developed a novel filtration technology for the purification of high temperature geothermal brines and the associated extraction targeting the geothermal market for extraction of lithium and other metals.