Thursday, August 9, 2018

Turkey: GRC Member's View of Geothermal Energy Heritage

Geothermal Heritage I: Turkey (LinkedIn)

by William Harvey, P.E., Project Engineer at POWER Engineers

We might view Turkey as a "new entrant" to the 1 GW Geothermal Country Club, one of a small number of countries that can claim the same. Although that is surely something to celebrate, Turkish institutions would be able to say that they are simply rediscovering something that has always been part of their natural heritage. Plus, they are harnessing their innate strengths to do so.

Certainly the country as a whole faces several adversaries on many fronts: borders, currency and economic challenges. Some might say "Turkey is at a crossroads" regarding their upcoming decisions, such as extending feed-in tariffs that will lead to more native resources used for electrical generation. These decisions will strongly influence geothermal development over the coming years. It would be more apt to say that "Turkey IS the crossroads," as an essential bridge of the world, and their strong national character, which has served them well for centuries, will continue to do so.

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