Monday, June 25, 2018

USA: Geothermal Heat Upwelling Detected Under New England

A Giant Blob of Hot Rock Is Building Up Under America's Northeast (Science Alert)

A vast mass of hot rock is welling up underneath Vermont and extending into other subterranean regions below New England, new research shows.

Scientists used a network of thousands of seismic measurement devices in the largest geological study of its kind, detecting the enormous blob upwelling under Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts – and possibly elsewhere.

Buried in two years of data, the team zeroed in on New England, having previously identified a thermal anomaly that was hundreds of degrees Celsius hotter than its surroundings in the upper mantle about 200 kilometres (124.2 miles) below the surface, and measuring approximately 400 kilometres (248.5 miles) in diameter.

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Seismic evidence for a recently formed mantle upwelling beneath New England, by Vadim Levin, Maureen D. Long, Peter Skryzalin; Yiran Li, Ivette L√≥pez. Geology (2017) 46 (1): 87-90.