Friday, June 1, 2018

Science & Technology: Geothermal Power Plant Supplies CO2 and Electricity to Produce Methanol

Methanol-Fueled Cars Could Drive Us Toward an Emissionless Future (IEEE Spectrum)

Icelandic firm Carbon Recycling International is turning industrial pollution into a low-carbon fuel for cars, trucks, and ships

Road to Methanol: Iceland’s Carbon Recycling International has pioneered a way to produce methanol fuel using renewable energy and waste CO2. A nearby geothermal power station supplies CO2 and electricity to the methanol plant and mineral-rich water to the famous Blue Lagoon spa [above]. Courtesy Carbon Recycling International.
This plant ..... depends on the Svartsengi geothermal power station, not for its silica-infused water but for its carbon dioxide. And what’s going on inside the plant has the potential to dramatically decarbonize the transportation sector. The plant belongs to Carbon Recycling International (CRI), whose engineers have developed a novel method of using renewable energy to produce methanol fuel from waste streams of CO2 and electrolyzed water. Methanol generated this way, CRI is betting, could have a real impact on climate change.

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