Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Netherlands: Drilling Starts at Pijnacker Geothermal District Heating Project

Huisman Equipment B.V. Awarded Contract to Drill Geothermal Doublet in Pijnacker (LinkedIn)

Huisman was recently awarded a contract for the delivery of a geothermal doublet in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. Drilling started at the end of April and the installation will heat a large area of greenhouses, a residential area and a local pool. The wells will be drilled directionally to a planned depth of approximately 2300 meters.

The well will be drilled utilising the Huisman LOC 400 drilling rig - a fully containerised modular rig outfitted with a fully automated pipe-handler and rig floor. At the end of 2017, the LOC also successfully finalised a geothermal energy project in Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands.

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