Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mexico: Conference on Addressing Climate Change Issues

World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF)

Implementing The Paris Agreement and The SDGs

February 1-2, 2018, Hotel Intercontinental Presidente, Mexico City

Governments reached a historic agreement in Paris in 2015 to tackle the growing challenge of climate change. In the same year the UN General Assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with clear outcomes targeted for 2030.

While governments will certainly work towards meeting their commitments both in respect of the Paris agreement and the SDGs, the urgency of taking adequate action requires grassroots initiatives involving all stakeholders.

The World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF), which has been established in three locations of the world, is attempting to create awareness; to spread information and knowledge; and to inspire action for meeting the challenge of climate change and implementing the 17 SDGs across the globe.

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