Friday, December 22, 2017

Slovakia: Vice-President of the European Commission Promotes Geothermal Energy in Coal Region

Slovakia considers exiting coal in 2023, Sefcovic eyes geothermal energy (Euractiv Slovakia)


While Energy Union boss Maroš Šefčovič is making a case for a transition to geothermal energy in the Upper Nitra region of Slovakia, Prime Minister Robert Fico still believes in the future of lignite mining. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.

The way to go is geothermal energy. Šefčovič was “very encouraged by the very successful company GA Drilling looking for new, revolutionary modes of drilling in the very deep underground.” The company experiments with plasma.

Although GA Drilling’s technology has not been commercialised yet, the company has already become Slovakia’s showcase. Šefčovič claims it “is interested in the drilling expertise present in the mines and would like to cooperate directly on a project in Upper Nitra.”