Thursday, December 7, 2017

Europe: New Report Surveys Supply Chain for Geothermal Energy

Supply chain of renewable energy technologies in Europe: An analysis for wind, geothermal and ocean energy (European Union)

Geothermal power plants are currently installed in eight European countries of which six EU-28 Member States. Capacity additions in recent years took mainly place in Turkey where a strong growth can be observed from about 220 MW in 2012 to about 870 MW at the end of 2016 (Shortall & Uihlein, 2017).

The global market in geothermal power is dominated by four major manufacturers (Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Ormat, Fuji) accounting for about 80 % of the installed capacity (Annex et al., 2016). In Europe, Ansaldo-Tosi leads the market with about 30 % of installed capacity. Other prominent players in Europe are Mitsubishi-Turboden, Fuji, Ormat, and GE/Nuovo Pignone. Ansaldo-Tosi and GE/Nuovo Pignone are mainly active in Italy with capacity installed in hydrothermal power plants existing since a very long time.

The European market is still dominated by conventional dry steam/flash technology (65 % of installed capacity). However, the majority of recent installations are binary power plants. The main turbine suppliers after 2012 are Ormat (34 % market share, followed by Exergy and Atlas Copco with 22 % and 19 % of market share, respectively.

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