Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Turkey: Geothermal Resource Boosts Tomato Production in İzmir Province

Top Turkish tomato exporter looks to hot springs to lead world market (Anadolu Agency)

(Courtesy Agrobay)
Turkey’s largest tomato exporter hopes to further exploit boiling subterranean geothermal waters in order to become the world’s leading exporter.

Agrobay, a company based in Dikili-Bergama in the Aegean province of İzmir, currently produces 15,000 tons of tomatoes from greenhouses that utilize thermal waters dotted across western Turkey.

The Dikili-Bergama region sits on one of hundreds of geothermal fields where underground waters can reach temperatures of up to 549°F (287°C), according to Stanford University in the U.S.

The used water is collected and returned to underground geothermal reserves, cutting costs and helping the environment.

“We save water and energy,” the Agrobay website states.

“We prevent the decrease of water over time in the geothermal resource, which is our national heritage, and this resource is transferred to future generations,” it adds.

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