Friday, October 13, 2017

Netherlands: Geothermal District Heating Project Re-started in The Hague

First geothermal station in The Hague in 2018 (News Release)

The green light was given on 7 October for the so-called Haagse Aardwarmtecentrale Leyweg (HAL). Starting next year this geothermal station will supply power to homes in The Hague Southwest.

Cross section under The Hague site. (Courtesy HAL)

The HAL will supply sustainable energy to The Hague Southwest as of 2018 from wells lying more than 2,000 metres under the ground. Between now and the coming 5 years at least 4 geothermal stations will become operational in The Hague. This number will increase to more than 10 stations in the future. Thanks to The Hague’s location, the power can be found just beneath the earth’s surface and this geothermal energy is an excellent source of alternative energy.

The geothermal project in The Hague Southwest is being restarted. The company Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg (HAL) took over the 2 geothermal wells drilled in 2010 to supply sustainable power to homes in Southwest. The HAL is the first urban-based geothermal station in The Hague and in the Netherlands and is therefore unique.