Saturday, September 30, 2017

Workshop at Geothermal Energy Event

Today at the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+

Geothermal Resource Decision Workshop 2

Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 250 B              8am - 5pm

Led by William Cumming, Nick Hinz, and Pete Stelling

The 2017 GRC Geothermal Resource Decision Workshop 2 extends the successful 2016 GRC workshop on building realistic geothermal resource conceptual models to support decision risk assessments of well targeting and resource capacity, but focuses on both preliminary evaluation and the use of more detailed geoscience and engineering data available from wells to support field operations decisions.

The experience of the 2016 workshop will be summarized to provide context for the integration of rock cuttings analysis, fluid geochemistry and well test results to support decisions on well design, real-time well completion and success/failure assessment at the appraisal stage following an exploration success in a >240°C volcano-hosted resource. Lectures on preliminary geoscience evaluation of <180°C fault-hosted prospects will support an exercise that will simulate a geothermal lease auction.

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