Monday, August 14, 2017

USA, California: Calpine Successfully Re-Contracts 225 MW PPA for Geothermal Energy from The Geysers

SCE to Buy More Than 1,500 Megawatts of Renewable Power from New Solar, Existing Geothermal Resources (News Release)

Reported August 4, Southern California Edison (SCE), has signed contracts with solar and geothermal energy producers representing more than 1,500 megawatts of clean, renewable power. Signed contracts include the re-contracting of 225 megawatts with an existing California geothermal energy project.

While solar is one of the fastest-growing renewable types and becoming a larger part of the state’s renewable mix, SCE and other utilities have large portions of their renewable energy in the form of geothermal and wind generation. SCE’s re-contracting with an existing geothermal project reflects the utility’s commitment to cost effective and diverse renewable energy.

The contract with Geysers Power Company, LLC is for 225 MW of geothermal over 10 years.

Geysers Power Company, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Calpine Corp.

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