Thursday, August 3, 2017

United Kingdom: Drilling for Penzance Geothermal Pool Could Begin This Year

Work to heat Penzance's Jubilee Pool could start this year (Cornwall Live)

Drilling could start this year at Cornwall's most iconic Lido to provide all-year-round hot bathing water from hot rocks beneath the ground.

If planning permission is granted to Geothermal Energy Limited to carry out the work, Penzance's open air pool will be the first in the country to be heated with geothermal renewable energy.

The £1.4 million EU-funded project will be run by industry experts Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) and the local community for the lido which has recently undergone major renovations and repairs after suffering massive damage in the infamous 2014 winter storms.

When complete, the work will allow Jubilee Pool visitors to enjoy a section of the Lido which will be heated using geothermal energy while the majority of the space will maintain its normal temperature.

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