Friday, August 4, 2017

Kenya: Mombasa Now Enjoying Geothermal Energy from Olkaria

Mombasa to get reliable power with the launch of 400kv Suswa-Rabai line (News Release)

The line will evacuate up to 150 MW of geothermal power. Demand in the Coast region currently stands close to 300 MW.

Kenya Power has today energized the Suswa-Isinya-Rabai line paving way for supply of cheap electricity to the Coast region and its environs.

The 400kV line which has initially been charged at 220kV will evacuate power from geothermal plants in Olkaria to the Coast region.

Majority of the Coast region has in the past relied on thermal generators linked to the national grid for electricity supply.

The new development will minimize consumption of thermal power in the region and in turn impact positively on customer bills through a reduction in the monthly fuel cost surcharge.