Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Canada: Drilling at Canoe Reach Geothermal Energy Project to Begin this Year

Borealis to drill this year (The Rocky Mountain Goat)

(Courtesy Borealis Geopower)
Borealis Geopower has been exploring and researching the Canoe Reach area for the better part of seven years, going back to 2010.

After completing seven years of fieldwork, Alison Thompson, a principal with Borealis Geopower says Borealis is ready to drill and will do so this year.

“We have drilling authorization for an area near the marina, and the Griffin Sawmill area,” says Thompson.

“Of course, we need funds to be able to complete that work. We are taking concrete efforts to make sure we execute flawlessly,” she says.

Borealis’ flagship project is the Canoe Reach Energy Project located in Valemount, where the Company intends to build a 15 Megawatt Power plant. The Company plans to sell the power to B.C. Hydro, and to other customers via direct electricity sales.