Monday, June 19, 2017

USA, Washington: Support for Geothermal Energy Development in Pacific North-West

Washington looks to build up its geothermal energy capacity (Hydrogen Fuel News)

New legislation aims to streamline the use of geothermal energy in the state
Washington legislators have passed a new bill that aims to streamline the state’s use of geothermal energy. The state has shown some interest in this form of clean power recently, but has been slow to embrace geothermal power when compared to its neighbors. Washington already uses a heavy mix of clean power sources, but is now looking to ensure that geothermal energy plays a larger role in its sustainable future.

Governor Jay Inslee approved the legislation in order to secure the future of geothermal energy. The legislation will clear the way for reconnaissance and experimental drilling to determine sources of strong geothermal potential. Developing geothermal power in the state has been a complicated issue, partly due to the state’s complex geology. This has made it difficult for developers to reach areas of geothermal potential, which has slowed the creation of new projects in many parts of the state. The legislation intends to help resolve this issue by making more research resources available, making it easier for discover the state’s geothermal potential.