Tuesday, June 13, 2017

USA, Alaska: State Set to Begin Auctioning off Geothermal Exploration Rights

Alaska Opts for Underground Energy (The Future of Things)

(Courtesy USGS)
Alaskan state officials have recently announced their intentions to begin funding the exploration and surveying of Alaska’s largest volcanoes in hopes of utilizing these as a source of geothermal energy which they say could provide enough energy to power thousands of households. According to some estimates these volcanoes and hot springs could supply up to 25% of the state’s energy needs. Could this be the beginning of an alternative energy revolution?

Officials are already set to begin auctioning off exploration rights – the first volcano to be tapped for geothermal power is Mount Spurr, a 3.4-km tall snow-capped stratovolcano in the Aleutian Volcanic Arc of Alaska. Another volcano considered for exploration is the Augustine stratovolcano, which resides near Anchorage and reaches 1.3 km in height.