Thursday, June 8, 2017

St Lucia: Exploratory Drilling for Geothermal Energy to Start Early Next Year

Geothermal Drilling Soon (The Voice)

Saint Lucians will know soon whether introducing renewable energy to the country is likely as government prepares for exploratory drilling for geothermal energy.

“We are very advanced with our geothermal development,” said Valerie Leon, acting Permanent Secretary in the Department of Sustainable Development. “We have conducted all the geothermal studies that will give us information (and) are looking at the pre-feasibility study.”

Leon said an Environmental Impact Assessment will be done and will be factored into the second phase.

“We are completing the geothermal development studies. Once we do that, we are looking at early next year so that we can begin the exploration drilling phase,” she said, adding that Government is seeking grant funding to do exploration drilling for geothermal energy.