Thursday, June 29, 2017

Netherlands: New Football (Soccer!) Stadium to be Powered by Geothermal Energy

New design: First geothermal stadium in the Netherlands (

It's not the first sports venue to be powered by geothermal energy but the first large stadium to supply its surroundings with this renewable form of power. Perhaps already in 2020.

Having seen the initial renderings presented back in 2013, only on June 20 of this year have we seen the final design of SC Cambuur's proposed new stadium. The team aspiring to become a solid Eredivisie side will get a stadium you might find familiar to FC Zwolle's home. And not without reason, both of them were designed by Widdershoven Architecten.

However this might sound, architecture of this stadium is the least interesting thing about it, even taking into account the consultation with various supporter groups. By far the most exciting fact is the energy scheme. Located west of the city centre, the new stadium should be the very first major geothermal stadium in the Netherlands and the first one to become energy-neutral.

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