Friday, June 2, 2017

United Kingdom: Work on Cornish Geothermal Pool to Begin in September

Historic open air pool to become first to be heated using geothermal energy (ITV)

An artist's impression of the proposed geothermal pool (Courtesy Jubilee Pool)
A historic open air pool will become the first in the country to be partially heated by geothermal energy.

Penzance's Jubilee Pool has received a £1.4 million European grant to utilize geothermal waters at 35°C, to enable a year-round opening.

Work hopes to begin on the pool in late-September, but the local community group, Friends of Jubilee Pool, need to raise another £500,000 for the final infrastructure.

It's hoped the money will be secured with the help of crowdfunding and fundraising (make a donation!).

The project means visitors will be able to enjoy a section of the pool, heated using geothermal energy, while the majority of the pool will maintain its normal bracing temperature.

It's being carried out by Geothermal Engineering Ltd, and hopes to be completed by 2019.

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